Our diversity is our strength for our many liberations are tied together. 

We stand in our solidarity for the diverse and interrelated struggles we face, we stand in our outrage, and we stand in our total disagreement with everything the results of the 2016 election threaten — from the Affordable Care Act and women’s reproductive rights to the safety of Muslim and Undocumented families and the continued siege on the civil rights and liberties of queer communities and communities of color.

Now more than ever we embrace the sentiment that women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights. We will unite to show we will not be bullied—now more than ever before we are stronger together.

On December 19, the Electoral College will meet to formally select our next president. We are asking them to use their constitutional right to cast their votes against Trump and his lack of American values. The future of the United States as a free country and our civil and human rights depends on preventing a Trump presidency from rolling back the progress of the last fifty years.

We will voice our opposition on December 12 in cities nationwide to encourage the Electoral College to follow the will of the people who gave Hillary Clinton a win by over 2 million votes, and to make the just decision to vote him out.

Furthermore, we call on our local and state elected officials to oppose policies intended to harm our communities and to instead work to expand access to both cis and trans women’s healthcare, expand sanctuary status to all our public schools and universities, bring trauma informed approaches and de-escalation training to our police departments, and actively fight for the diversity that truly makes this country great on a local and national scale.

Contact Ann Hartman Massaro to get your city on board today via Facebook message or email at.